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Wood container dryer 21m³

14,328 s DPH
11,940 bez DPH

The price is without transport, installation and operator training.



Dryers use only as much electricity as the turbine systems have in them. It depends on the capacity of the dryer – power input from 5.5 kW to 30 kW.
Moisture removal is realized by ventilation chimneys mounted on the dryer door. Steam leaves the upper chimney, fresh air comes from the lower.
The dryer is used for lumber with a length of 2.5 – 12 meters.


Aerodynamic container wood dryers are designed for drying:

  • wood of any kind
  • wood with any initial moisture (also stored)
  • wood of any size (whether or not trimmed)
  • firewood
  • europallets (to meet phytosanitary requirements)
  • straw bales (only in case of drying of the outer layer of straw)


Basic dryer equipment:

  • rails inside the dryer
  • raid allowing wood to be stored on carts in front of the dryer
  • trucks in quantities that meet individual requirements
  • daily or weekly programmer
  • sprinkler


Dryer accessories:

  • rails, driveway and set of trolleys – guarantees fast and convenient loading and unloading of the dryer (additional equipment)
  • sprinkler – allows you to bring additional moisture in case of steaming or drying of stored wood
  • the control measuring device enables the reading of humidity and air temperature inside the chamber as well as the measurement of wood humidity at three points
  • panel-8D meter – is designed for constant measurement of humidity and wood temperature and also allows printing of results on the printer (additional equipment needed if the phytosanitary requirements are met during the drying of euro pallets)



Length: 5 m

Engine power: 11 kW



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