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KP 900 EASY CUT optimization pruning saw





The KP 900 Easy Cut optimization saw is intended for woodworking companies that process solid wood and place maximum emphasis on the quality and yield of their production. The KP 900 Easy Cut optimization saw is used for cutting defects and optimizing fixed lamella lengths in the production of glued prisms, joints, solid furniture parts, parquets, floorboards, decking, packaging, etc. The solid and robust construction of the optimizing saw ensures precise and fast cutting of wood. The feeding device moves the cut material to the cut with high speed and positioning accuracy in the range of ± 0.3 mm (± 0.1 mm – options). The saw operator performs a visual evaluation of the piece and chalks out places with errors. The material is stored on the insertion table of the machine, where the length and marked defects are automatically read. This information is processed by the powerful NC control of the machine, which establishes the cutting plan of the inserted material. This is followed by an automatic start and moving of the material into the cut. The cut parts at the output of the optimization saw meet the requirements according to the marked defects and the specified fixed material lengths.


Insertion device:

  • length of the insertion device – according to the customer’s request (3.2 m – 7.2 m)
  • AC SERVO drive unit
  • high accuracy, long life, minimal noise
  • linear travel of the trolley integrated on a rigid closed profile,
  • push shoe with backward feed, long service life, easy maintenance
  • continuous feed speed 0 to 2 m / s, return speed max. 3 mps.
  • optional side inlet / outlet pressure
  • sufficient power Loading for heavy parts
  • automatic measurement of wood input length
  • automatic feed start loading
  • side inclination of the entrance table 8 °



  • saw blade 350 – 600 mm (according to standard / max design)
  • engine power 5.5 kW (option 7.5 kW)
  • the speed of the saw cutting into the cut is continuously adjustable
  • maximum cutting speed 0.1 s
  • electronically adjustable saw blade stroke height
  • upper pressure of the cut piece, – tolerance max. accuracy ± 0.3 mm (option ± 0.1 mm)
  • control panel – color LCD Touch Screen 15 “
  • soundproof cabinet design
  • SM OPTIMAL control software
  • side tilt of the cutting unit table 8 °


Output belt conveyor

  • sorter
  • length of conveyor for lumber sorting (according to customer’s request)
  • pneumatic sorters of assortments – punches
  • programmable sorting of individual lengths
  • lateral inclination of the sorting belt 8 °


Basic device functions

Length optimization Initially, the lengths and quantities of the required assortment are entered in the BOM. We can then activate this data in the optimization program. This consists in combining the individual selected lengths of the cut assortment in order to minimize waste. At the same time, the BOM guards the cut amount of material and interrupts the work when completing the task in the specified assortment. The saw automatically measures the length of the inserted material, so that multiple inserted lengths can be combined without the need for prior sorting. It is possible to set the required length of face cutting in the program. There are positions on the rear belt conveyor for sorting according to lumber lengths. The individual punches are triggered when a part of the specified length is cut. Sorting is done by sliding into prepared boxes or on a side slide. The number of optimized lengths is unlimited.

Qualitative optimization

Timber optimization according to quality makes it possible to use the work cycle of the previous functions together with the possibility to mark lumber defects with chalk. The operator performs a visual evaluation of the piece and uses fluorescent chalk to mark areas with defects that need to be cut. Chalk contains a substance that is recorded by the saw control system. The current positions of the required cuts are loaded by crossing the stop above the cut material during the backward movement. The resulting parts in different lengths between the cut defects are automatically re-measured and cut into fixed lengths using a computer according to the optimized cutting scheme. The BOM determines the number of cut pieces of a given length. If the cut part does not meet the length of the smallest selected assortment, it goes to waste. There are positions on the rear belt conveyor for sorting according to lumber lengths. The individual punches are triggered when a part of the specified length is cut. Sorting is done by sliding into prepared boxes.


The NC control of the machine includes statistics that register the number of cut running meters, the amount of quality parts and the amount of waste. Maybe so e.g. Simply compare the quality of the input wood from different suppliers, calculate the total volume of assortments produced (for matching widths), etc. The machine also records the actual working time, which can e.g. Use the head of the production department to control work performance. At the same time there is the ability to output to a printer and remote administration cutting via PC from the office.

Production capacity of the optimization line

Production capacity is determined by the dimensions of the processed material, its quality and the assortments produced. For the calculation, the data on the average loading speed are 90 m / min. and spade


single-stroke speed of approximately 0.5 seconds.

The performance of the saw is determined by the choice of two offered variants of the KP 900 Easy Cut saw:

(The values ​​indicate the performance from the practical use of saws for users of our machines, not the theoretical machine time, which is often presented by foreign suppliers – designed for material lengths of 5m, spruce, 30 x 90mm, 4 cuts per 1m)

S – standard – version with standard capacity – 500 – 600 m / 1h
Q – quick – version for maximum capacities – 800 – 900 m / 1h


Another possible extension of the KP 900 Easy Cut saw

Rear sorting conveyor with the possibility of length sorting into several storage boxes. The system works on the principle of electronic length measurement and sorting into boxes using punching. Possibility of cutting and subsequent sorting in up to 3 quality classes. Connection with office PC – the possibility of checking the progress of work, entering, adjusting values ​​in the form of remote access. Continuous regulation of the saw motor speed in the event of a variable change in the diameter of the saw blade and according to the requirements for the quality of the cut. The regulation is performed by continuously setting the value via the control panel. Double-sided lateral pressure at the cutting point (so-called finger pressure), which increases the accuracy of the perpendicularity of the cut. Automatic material feed to the saw. Possibility of connection to a serial production line via a transverse feed conveyor on the input table. Feed synchronization and automatic cutting cycle start. Possibility of adding a number of feeding and handling elements in the form of driven and non-driven conveyors.

Basic technical data:

  • Engine 7.5 kW / 11kW / 15 kW
  • Saw blade diameter 500-600 mm
  • Cutting height see cutting diagram
  • drive Loading Servo motor
  • Material feeding accuracy + – 0.5mm
  • Material feed speed 60 (120) m / min.
  • Extraction 2x 120mm – 30m / s
  • Working height 850 mm
  • Entrance table length according to customer requirements 3.2-7.2 m (options up to 14 m)
  • Air pressure connection 0.8 MPa
  • electricity connection
  • Touch control panel YES


  • Delivery time: 8 – 12 weeks from the order (depends on the final version of the machine)
  • Payment terms: Deposit 30% of the value of the machine and 70% before delivery of the machine
  • Email:




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