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SMPS pallet stacker




Fully automatic device for unattended handling and stacking of pallets. The device consists of 4 working units (see below) in the automatic mode of starting the conveyors. The machine can work independently or can be included in the production line behind the SMPA 500.2 ED automatic hammering machine or the SMOP pallet processing line. The device allows simple stacking of pallets or stacking by locking with dimensions in widths from 700 mm to 1,200 mm and lengths from 600 mm to 1,500 mm (3,000 mm SMPS for the production of oversized pallets)

Device function description:

The operator places the pallet on the input feed conveyor and confirms the start of the process or the pallet enters the stacker fully automatically from the SMPA 500.2 ED hammering machine or the SMOP pallet processing line. In the first step, the pallet is rotated 90 ° on the input conveyor and then unattendedly moved to the pallet rotator by 180 °. The 180 ° rotation function allows us to stack pallets by locking them together. With simple stacking, the pallet passes into the stacker without overturning. When stacking by locking, we turn every other pallet when moving to the stacker.
In the stacker, we stack pallets according to the required number, which the operator enters at the terminal. After the stacking of the specified number of pallets is completed, the stack travels to the output conveyor.
The filling of the output conveyor is confirmed by an acoustic siren, then the handling worker cleans the output conveyor using a forklift truck. The individual motors of the conveyors and the lifting unit start automatically when the pallet passes, and after the work is completed, they are switched off until the next one arrives.


Equipment list:

1. Inlet conveyor rotates 90 °

  • driven roller conveyor with cross driven chain conveyor stroke
  • pneumatic lift of the chain conveyor


2. Invert 180 °

  • driven chain conveyor with shovel rotation
  • deactivation option for easy stacking


3. Stacker

  • driven chain conveyor moving the pallet to the stacker mechanism
  • lifting of the pallet by means of a hydraulic unit, fixing of the stack by means of mandrels


4. Output conveyor

  • driven fabric conveyor designed to balance stacks of pallets from the stacker
  • selectable length of output conveyor 2m, 3m, 4m and 5m


Technical specifications:

  • Total power consumption 9kW
  • Connection 3x380V / 50Hz
  • Air connection 6 bar / 0.6 MPa
  • Air consumption 20l / min


  • Delivery time: 8 – 12 weeks from the order (depends on the final version of the machine)
  • Payment terms: Deposit 30% of the value of the machine and 70% before delivery of the machine
  • Email:



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