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For the production and repair of wooden pallets


Pressed cubes are made with spruce and pine sawdust.

The dried sawdust is pressed under high pressure with the addition of a water-resistant hot-melt adhesive.


Pressed pallets for pallets have high physico-chemical properties, high strength, high tensile resistance and wear resistance, and maintain dimensions and shapes of temperature and humidity fluctuations. There are no cracks in them, so there is minimal need for repair. The product is not harmful to humans, does not cause allergies, is environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable.


FSC – The product comes from economically adequately controlled forests.
ISPM 15 – Meets all requirements for wood packaging care

PEFC Certificate (PEFC / 15-04-0001) EPAL Certificate


The product is packed on new EUR EPAL pallets measuring 800×1200 mm

The cube is stored on EUR 800×1200 mm pallets protected from bottom to top by foil. They can be stacked on top of each other, up to 3 pallets. Each pallet is marked with a manufacturer’s label indicating the size and number of pieces in the package.

Advantages of the carrier pallet – why cubes with wood sawdust instead of wood?

No waste production – we pay for goods that are not waste
• Reduced pallet drying time and associated costs and deformations of the wood process
• Simplified logistics – the possibility of stacking 3 pallets on top of each other
• Low water absorption ensures a certain pallet weight.
• Dimensional stability, does not crack during drying and pressing
• Easy customization of cube system automation
• Processing of wood chips and sawdust with saws, which causes optimal use of the raw material
• The product is biodegradable – not moldy
• Resistant to wood pests
• Increased forest protection


The price of pallet cubes is set at our warehouse (EXW Liptovský Mikuláš.) In case of interest, we provide transportation by Geis

At a price of 35 to 50, – € per pallet (depending on distance) in Slovakia.


  • Delivery within 24 hours from order
  • Personal subscription

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