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SM-RH bale stacker




The device is designed for the separation of individual layers of material, namely wooden boards or yarns. For a perfectly functioning separation, it is NECESSARY that there must be transfers between each layer. The given mechanization replaces the manual disassembly of the material, which is very physically strenuous for the workers.

Technologically, the equipment is used wherever even timber enters the production process. It is evenly stacked on a transverse infeed conveyor and serves as a stock to reduce the number of weights.

The device is designed to dispense material for further processing in individual layers and pieces. It consists of a transverse infeed conveyor, which is followed by lifting forks of the dismantling edge, which raises the entire edge to such a height that the upper layer of lumber can slide smoothly on the fall stops, while the overflows fall. Fall stops stop the individual layers of lumber and ensure a gradual slippage of the material. At the outlet of the dismantling is the output cross chain conveyor with separators, which feed the individual pieces of lumber for the next operation. After the entire leveling of the material, the lifting forks return to the basic position and the cycle can be repeated.


1 – Input cross chain conveyor

2 – disassembly games

3 – Disassembly forks

4 – Output cross conveyor with separators



Technical specifications:

  • Minimum length 1,200 mm
  • Maximum length 2,500 mm
  • Maximum width 1,300 mm
  • Maximum height 1,300 mm


  • Delivery time: 8 – 12 weeks from the order (depends on the final version of the machine)
  • Payment terms: Deposit 30% of the value of the machine and 70% before delivery of the machine
  • Email:



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