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Punching machine for hills




The Deck Nailing machine is a device that is standardly included in the high-capacity SMHC-Line, but it can also work as a separate hammer for hammering pallet tops or 2-way pallets.

At the entrance, the machine is equipped with magazines for transverse plates and magazines for longitudinal plates, the longitudinal plates can be of two different widths, as standard for the EUR pallet. The hammering principle is ensured by the electromechanical system, which is typical for all manufactured machines of the Störi Mantel brand, and the given system is appreciated for reliability and low energy requirements.

At the output, the machine can be supplemented with a stacker of tops or pallets and an output conveyor for balancing stacks. The choice of the number of hills or pallets in the stack is selectable according to the customer’s requirements.

Technical specifications:

  • The machine allows you to hammer different types and sizes of hills or 2-way pallets
  • Max. pallet dimensions 1,500 x 1,500 mm
  • Min. pallet dimensions 700 x 700 mm
  • The lid works with all available loose nails (l = 27 – 40 mm) including EPAL nails
  • Min. nail spacing 25 mm
  • Tolerance max. Position accuracy of nails +/- 1 mm
  • Connection hr. air 0.8 MPa
  • Electricity connection 400 V / 3/50 Hz


  • Delivery time: 8 – 12 weeks from the order (depends on the final version of the machine)
  • Payment terms: Deposit 30% of the value of the machine and 70% before delivery of the machine
  • Email:


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