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SMPA 500.2 ED pallet stacker




The SMPA 500.2 ED hammering machine is used mainly in companies engaged in the production of pallets with a capacity of 500 pieces per shift (8 hours).


The SMPA 500.2 ED hammering machine represents a modern, robust construction using an electromechanical system for hammering pallets of various types and sizes. The machine is equipped with standard 26 (options max. 40 units) pushing units. It works with loose nails and thanks to the electromechanical drive it has the lowest energy input (1.2 kWh) in its class. It is a suitable solution wherever there is a need for high-quality and fast hammering of pallets with high labor productivity and high achieved accuracy of the nail joint scheme. The machine allows you to make pallets using a universal preset template of a standard format (ie an arrangement similar to a EUR pallet) with dimensions in widths from 700 mm to 1200 mm and lengths from 600 mm to 1,500 mm. The option is the possibility of producing pallets with max. Length 2500 mm (table extension) or pallets with max. Dimensions 1,500 x 1,500 mm (without foot preparation). Another option is to use fixed templates for the production of a specific type of pallet, which allows you to quickly change the machine settings for different types of pallets. Basically, the machine is equipped with three boxes with 10 outlets, which allow you to beat pallets using three types of loose nails (as an option we can include the 4th box). The option is also a box with 12 outlets, the use of which can be found where a larger number of nails of one type is needed (eg for top plates). In the pits, there is an automatic shifting and dosing of nails to the pushing units. The machine is able to work with nails from 30 mm to 90 mm in length. The accuracy of the hammering pattern is within a tolerance of +/- 1 mm and min. the spacing of the nails is 25 mm. The machine is serviced by two workers. Of course, there are safety features that ensure safe work on the hammer. The machine meets the strict requirements for work safety, resulting from the relevant regulations and EC directives.


Work procedure on SMPA 500.2 ED:

The machine uses a system of hammering finished pallets and preparing feet on a common table.


Pallet hammering:

1. The cubes and bottom plates of the lower part of the pallet (legs) are placed in the working position in the left part of the table.

2. The finished lower parts of the pallet (legs) are transferred to the working position in the right part of the machine, on which the operator unloads the strip and longitudinal boards of the finished pallet.

3. Once established, the operator confirms the automatic hammering step and the machine performs the appropriate number of hammering strokes.

4. After the hammering cycle, the finished pallet remains in the output part of the machine and the pre-prepared lower parts of the pallet (legs) return to the starting position.

5. In subsequent operations, the whole cycle is repeated.

6. The operator can pick up the finished pallet from the output part of the machine manually, or the pallet can be transferred fully automatically to the next pallet processing operation in the SMOP line.


Description of basic machine parts:

  • Machine length 4000 mm
  • Width 2150 mm (2950 mm incl. Service staircase)
  • Height 3100 mm
  • Machine weight approx. 3000 kg
  • Degree of protection IP IP 54 / IP 20 (see further inspection report)
  • Hammering cycle: The working cycle time depends on the time of loading the material for the production of pallets by the machine operator
  • The speed of the pallet feed into the hammering cycle is 0.6 m / s.


  • Delivery time: 8 – 12 weeks from the order (depends on the final version of the machine)
  • Payment terms: Deposit 30% of the value of the machine and 70% before delivery of the machine
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